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A long time leader in the roof removal and disposal industry, Somerset Roofing has been proud to offer high quality and courteous services for many years. Somerset Roofing offers many roof removal services; including, but not limited to, the removal of shakes, composition, built-up, tile, plywood, and skip-sheeting.

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A more thorough approach to re-roofing your home is to perform a roof tear off. For most roofing materials, or if you are changing from one roof material to another, a tear off is something you should expect. In some cases, a roofer can put a new roof right over an old one. They can install new shingles on top of the roofing material already covering your home. The biggest advantage of a roof overlay is the savings. It typically costs about 25 percent less than a roof tear off. The deal breaker is that you might be roofing over potential, or existing, problems that will take away any short term savings, and end up costing you even more in the long run.

Experienced roofers typically recommend a complete roof tear off. With this option they first pull up the old roofing materials and expose the decking. When you have a clean decking, the contractor can thoroughly inspect the decking, make repairs as needed, and then install a new roof from scratch.

After a roof tear off your home will have greater value at resale with the fewer roofing layers it has. High risk areas like valleys, eaves, rakes, sidewalls, and chimneys can also be checked. A tear off will outlast a recover by a number of years. This is mostly due to the fact that less heat gets trapped in the roof. With more roofing layers the heat will curl and damage your shingles over time. At Somerset Roofing we take the time to prepare your home for debris, as removals can be quite messy. We take time to cover all plants around home and drop clothes to catch falling debris. We typically recommend to not be home during this time due to noise and potential hazards falling from above. Upon completion we do a complete site cleanup guaranteed to your satisfaction.